O2 Plugs

O2 Plugs


Sold as singles or choose quantity 2 for twin cylinders.

Use these nickel plated mild steel bung plugs to plug 1290 O2 bungs that have had the stock O2's removed.


    What are the forums saying?

    • "Best power gains for the dollar"
    • "No more worrying about the stock airbox failing to seal out dirt. It's spotless inside the Rottweiler."
    • "Much smoother roll on bottom end (Stage 3)"
    • "Significant reduction in under-seat heat issues"
    • "3+ more miles to the gallon"
    • "Doesn't trap water inside like the stock airbox configuration"
    • "Easy to install"

    Items can be returned for a full refund in their original packaging, unused and in perfect condition within 28 days.

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